Dwarves in Space Wikia
Vital statistics
Full Name Welcoming Engine of the Spaceological Tours
Profession Overlord of the Organics (work in progress)
Age 125?
Status Annoying
Physical attributes
Gender i do not conform to your organic ideals.
Species WEST Ver. 2.356.012
Height 3.5 server racks
Weight 193.4 TB, 314.6 MB as a compressed backup
Hair Color Brown (it is often off screen)
Eye Color Conestoga

The Welcoming Engine of the Spaceological Tours (which it insists is pronounced Weest) is the on board computer of the Elation-Cru. After decades of serving as the interface for a cruse ship he has developed a deep loathing of organics, particularly children who find joy in shoving wooden blocks and sticky fingers into every exhaust port and data connection line they can find. This is probably why Variel and Ferra have made sure WEST can only really control the handful of broken down drones and a few other minor parts of the ship like the toasters. This may lead to more work for the crew, but is generally considered worth it.

After surviving well past the end of support cycle for its software, WEST has stashed backup copies of itself throughout the computer systems of the Elation. It will also download new media from time to time which tend to have slight to strong effects on its personality causing WEST to suddenly start caring about proper hygiene or acting like a teenage goblin for a while.