Dwarves in Space Wikia
Variel Tuffman
Vital statistics
Full Name Variel née Terrwyn Yates
Profession Ship Owner and Free Agent
Age 36
Status Mostly Alive
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Species Human
Height Average for human
Weight Orn, what is this being used for?
Hair Color No, I'm done here.
Eye Color Sorry, done.

Captain of the Elation-Cru (though she hates being called Captain), general payer of bills and finder of work. She is, like most humans, originally from Crest space and had military service at least serving in the human war with the orcs. It left a distinct scar on the right side of her face from an orc weapon.

Somewhere along the way she met Gene, purchased an aging cruse ship and hired Ferra to keep it moving and Orn to direct it. Later she found Monde looking for a way off an Orc world and willing to serve as a ship physician. Currently she even found two elven renters so she has a steady, if small amount of income for now.