While each Crest has its own government and laws, each will have an order of Knights. The Knights are elite soldiers trained in a variety of combat techniques to serve as guardians, warriors and agents when the need should arise. While other species may scoff at Human training, none can deny the destructive power of the swords given to each member at their Knighting ceremony. Made from a secret alloy of metal, the swords are extremely sharp and are the ideal weapon for those who will need to operate on spacecraft where a stray bullet can cause a cataclysmic hull breach or ricochet wildly and injure or kill the one who fired it or their support.

Despite the power of a Knight's sword, it is important to remember that they still represent the elite of the Crest military. No one simply becomes a Knight on a whim. Years of training weed out the weak and those not committed to the ideals of the Crests. Those chosen are expected to serve for life, or to transition into a life of politics in their Crest's Court. Simply put, a Knight does not simply quit.