Dwarves in Space Wikia
Vital statistics
Full Name Quito Segundo
Profession Third Technician for the spacial licensing and travel registration department
Age Unsure (we didn't celebrate birthdays)
Status Overwhelmed
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Species Human
Height 5 foot 11 inches
Weight 160 pounds
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown

Currently third technician Segundo, an intern aboard the Eclipse 5 station above Samudra. At a young age his family gave him over to a religious order that collects children born under strange and unusual signs and raises them to determine if any are the chosen one for any given prophecy. Unfortunately, there can only be one chosen one so the other children born at the same time are sent into the galaxy with a small amount of money and a low level job that fits someone with few or no skills. In Segundo's case, that is an internship for an inspection company.