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Orn's big face
Orn's big face
Vital statistics
Full Name Orn Lidoffad
Profession Pilot (Flight Technician if you're being a jerk)
Age Next
Status Married? Employed? Sugar Rush? Take your pick.
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Species Dwarf
Height 4 ft. 3 in.
Weight 210 (Swear I'll start that diet next week.)
Hair Color Only my stylist knows for sure.
Eye Color Hazel

Orn is the pilot (technically flight technician because he never passed the test to become a certified piolt) of the Elation-Cru and husband of Ferra. He is most often found on the bridge getting confirmation of course approval, contacting stations for a docking station or trying to look busy with something sugary in his mouth. It is not uncommon to find a stash of candy around the ship.

When the ship docks, it is a safe bet that Orn will be disembarking. Not only is there little to do for a pilot on a stationary ship, if left alone with no one to talk to he would probably explode (though being a dwarf he has a rather large family that he keeps in touch with).