Orcs are typically taller than humans with the females being taller and stronger than the males and dark gray skin with green or purple hues. Both have a an incredibly fast rate of healing and horns, though female orcs have horns along the sides of their neck where some of the few vulnerable parts of their anatomy are while male orcs have horns on top of their heads. All of this has lead to a society dominated by women and it has made the orcs one of the most confrontational species in the galaxy. Despite constant sanctions from other races, orcs will go to war with other races for minor disagreements (and without any real malice) and end wars on easier terms than other species.

The average orcish women almost all wear hats as a sign of status and because the hats have cameras embedded in them so they can constantly film their adventures. With heavy cultural sanctions, orcs mostly make their own media and a lot of it comes from individuals film when they perform stunts or fight wild animals alone. They also have a fondness for eggs as not only a food supply but as a design aesthetic.

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