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Gene, we think
Gene, we think
Vital statistics
Full Name We just call it Gene.
Profession End table (from crew and cargo manifests)
Age ?????
Status Gassy
Physical attributes
Gender Male - maybe?
Species Djinn
Height Depends
Weight 13 grams, 300 pounds dressed
Hair Color N/A Maybe
Eye Color Glowing red when calm, blue or white when angry.

The resident djinn and only non-corpreal on board the Elation-Cru. Being made of smoke, Gene prefers to wear a suit of rock to better interact with the rest of the crew and world around it. Out of the suit, Gene is at best a puff of smoke, within he is a tower of humanoid shaped rock that appears to have a fire inside with light coming out the eyes and random cracks along the body. The suit makes Gene very strong and would allow Gene to speak, but it seems to have taken a vow of silence. The crew can mostly guess Gene's mood by the color of light pouring from the eyes (the red to red/orange of a camp fire means a calm or normal mood while blue to white of an intense flame indicate extreme aggravation and annoyance). Gene does not seem to really hate anyone aboard the Elation it only really seems to listen to Variel.