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Ferra Lidoffad
Ferra on a good day.
Ferra on a good day.
Vital statistics
Full Name Ferra Lidoffad
Profession Engineer
Age Never ask an elf this.
Status Cleaning mystery gunk from control panels.
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Species Elven - Tennen
Height 5 ft. 0 in.
Weight Varies with what tool belt is on.
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Pink

Ferra is the engineer aboard the Elation-Cru, and is extremely good at her job and is most often found in the engine room in oil stained coveralls. Most ships the age and income level would hire a mechanic and not a full engineer, but Ferra seems to enjoy the challenge and freedom of keeping a ship going under a captain that does not feel the need to micromanage. To this end, the repairs she has made over the years are a mass of quick-fixes, retrofits and safety bypasses that would leave anyone trying to follow her baffled for years. She also feels no need to waste time on "unimportant" jobs like replacing lights in the docking bay when half are still working.

Ferra sorts others like she sorts problems on the ship (she is an engieneer after all) by either deciding they are to be put up with or ignored. Her husband Orn, her boss Variel and their medic Monde are all worth putting up with while the other two elves on board are safe to ignore (they are snooty Dulcens anyway). Also like problems aboard the ship, Ferra can go from mild annoyance to anger to rage rather easily so most of the crew know to keep a safe distance (though she would not cause bodily harm unless you insulted or even dared invade her engines).

When not fixing the engines (as rare as that is) she can be found in her quarters paging through a female species' interest magazine (probably stolen from Brena).