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From the home world of Cangen, elves have pointed ears, larger eyes and small noses making them look somewhat feline like. They also have greater strength and agility than the typical human and one of if not the longest life of any corporeal race (reaching over 1,000 years old). The very long life has several effects on the elves.

One consequence of the elven long life is that they are a very patient species compared to many others in the galaxy to the point that getting even a simple task that other races would handle in a few hours to a day can take weeks or months for the elves. They are also willing to just sit back and wait for a generation or two to die off when another species gets all revolution happy.

The long life of elves also changes the way they form and associate with families. Elven families could get very large with multiple generations reaching adulthood so great-great grandchildren can easily be seen as contemporaries of their great-great grandparent. Living for so long with the same spouse and with the same job, elven society has formed a way of leaving a life behind to start fresh somewhere else. This is somewhat like divorce and somewhat like disowning so that when it is over elves who were related will treat each other as strangers. While it may seem cruel to other races, elves see no inherent malice or irresponsibility to it.

A final result of the elven long life is a popular elven life philosophy is to believe in the pattern (uncapitalized due to its ubiquitous nature). The pattern to elves is the understanding of what will happen next for elves based on what has already happened. In a way it is the logical conclusion of "seen it all before." This can allow some elves to act or react in ways that may seem mysterious or even psychic to other races.

The elves are divided into three major groups (four if you count the Space Elves). There are the Dulcens (High Elves) who have dark skin tones from life high in the trees where UV light is more intense. The Tennens (Low Elves) with pale skin from a life among the roots. The Dulcen and Tennen have a rivalry and disdain for each other that comes with living near each other. Then there are Sea Elves who are a bit odd. Finally, the Space Elves are a group who has left the home world to explore the galaxy.

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