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Welcome to the Dwarves in Space Wikia

This is the wikia for the Dwarves in Space series of novels. It will serve as the main hub of information about the characters and world of the series.

To the Stars ...

After the Great War to decide the future is fought, evil has been stopped, banished, trapped and lost somewhere in the cushions of the couch time did what it always does and continued on. Technology and science (or was it magic) marched on as very bright people who were very easily bored tried to out do each other until not only was travel among the stars possible, but we already had a shopping complex there with discount cloths to make it worth going.

Sadly, once the untamed wilds of the galaxy were tamed, it became obvious that a job in space was still just a job and while the other species from other worlds may seem strange, they have money and resources like anyone else, so there is really no reason to be rude (unless your plan is to stay on your home world with your fingers in your ears). It is generally accepted the the elves are wealthy but aloof as they find it hard to relate to other species that have a habit of dying after a century or so, dwarves will likely be the ones owning your loans, the goblins in their many varieties run some of the more reputable shops, the humans are a little odd because they rarely leave their own worlds, orcs are always up for a fight (nothing personal), gnomes are scurrying about filling orders and fixing equipment, the ogres as well as the trolls are very political so if meet one polite conversations is advised, if you see two, just keep walking. Then there are all the non-corporeal like quicksilver, dryads, wisps and djinn who may or may not have a clear presence in the world.

Some have sought and found great fortune. Some like the crew of the Elation-Cru have found just enough odd jobs to scrap by in a comfortable and free life. Who cares if the Elation is so old that it likely would have fallen apart without the care and many ad-hoc repairs of it's engineer Ferra. Variel (only Captain Variel if you are trying to get under her skin) will take on a great many jobs, some skirting the line of what is and is not legal.

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