The dwarves have tan to dark brown skin tones from life lived on or around rocks on their home world of Brasa. Their society had developed building deep underground so that the lower in the planet your family lived the higher in society you were seen to be. They also used lave for lighting and heat making them more comfortable while a little hot so it is common to see dwarves wearing sweaters, coats or other warm clothing where other races are wearing light shirts.

Dwarves are a very family oriented culture, counting distant relations like other species may treat their cousins. This makes keeping in touch with relations important to dwarves, even if other species would balk at the coordination and effort that goes into it.

The love for an extended family has also made the dwarves the merchants of the galaxy. While other species eye each other with some suspicion, dwarves have experience dealing with a wide range of personalities and can look past strange costumes to see if someone has coin. Their large families also provide more stability to dwarven businesses by allowing for almost elven levels of consistency. An investment with a dwarven business or from a dwarven business is a near sure bet.

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