Dwarves in Space Wikia
Vital statistics
Full Name Demi Monde
Profession Physician
Age Unknown
Status On board the Elation-Cru
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Species Orc
Height 6'1"
Weight 232 lbs.
Hair Color Horny
Eye Color Orange

The resident physician aboard the Elation-Cru, a job one would assume is quite and peaceful but his crew mates seem to rack up an impressive number of injuries. He was training on an orc world to be a physician, learning not only how to patch up an orc but numerous other corporeal and non-corporeal species as well, but left before completing his training. Despite this he is very competent and even runs through training simulations to practice and learn new techniques. All this from a re-purposed rec room that has a billiard table as an operating table and whatever supplies they have on hand/can afford/can get their hands on.

Despite being only a male orc he can help out in a fight, when needed. He is also the best dressed of Variel's crew (though beating a dwarf in a sarcastic sweater, an elf in oil stained coveralls, a woman with a closet of plain brown shirts and pants and a suit of rock without any other clothing is not very hard). He also prefers to stay aboard the Elation during missions, though often has a list of supplies that need pickup.