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Brena Cerabor
Brena dressed casually for lunch.
Brena dressed casually for lunch.
Vital statistics
Full Name Brena Cerabor
Profession Bard
Age Unimportant
Status Booked through the end of the month.
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Species Elven - Dulcen
Height Unknown
Weight 156 lbs. 243 lbs when dressed for a performance.
Hair Color What Day Is It?
Eye Color Yellow

Brena left the elven world of Cangen with her brother Taliesin to allow both time to sort out their issues before returning to Dulcen society. Fortunately for her, training as an elven bard has allowed her to find regular work around the galaxy (someone wealthy is always having a party and an elven bard is a sign of wealth). This means it is important for her to stay up on fashion trends, like getting a chip implant that allows for easy but thorough hair color changes. She will sometimes use her job as cover to gather intelligence for her brother, who is an official elven assassin. It is not part of her job description, but looking out for her brother is just a part of her life.

As a bard she spends time translating complex stories into a narrative a single person could recite at a party. She also has a love of action films making the process a touch more difficult. Also making her life difficult is her rare condition, where it takes longer for her mind to sort through information and decide on an emotional response making her seem slightly off at times. She has medicine to help, but it mostly tends to leave her feeling emotionally numb.

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